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A lot of companies have to focus heavily on data-driven presentations as a day-to-day part of what they do. These days virtually all companies want the work that they do to have data to back it up. Call us all a little spoiled as a result of movies like “Moneyball”, but we all tend to think of ourselves as data-driven and rational people. It is incredibly important in the corporate world to put presentations together that reflect this desire.

In order for a company to build up that particular data-driven kind of presentation, it must have a focus on working on its enterprise content management system. After all, the system probably needs some updating if it is going to work as best it should.

Putting Together The Right Data For The Right Audience

The right audience to see the particular pieces of data that you want to show them will make itself known with time. You have to have some idea of what kind of audience you are going to pitch to, but there is a strong chance that you already have at least some clue as to what kind of people want to see what information. The trick is to use enterprise content management to bring that information to the table.

You might not realise how many content repositories your company has . Without one single source of truth, you will need to spend time and resources trying to find the information you want. After having to cobble together data from a myriad of sources, you will likely be left wondering about the accuracy and age of the information collected.

Organizing Your Content

Using and Enterprise Content Management system, will enable you to access all information needed from one source. The Enterprise Content Management by Onbase https://www.onbase.com/en-AU integrates with other systems in use across the organisation and delivers live information to users as and when they need it.  You will be able to deliver your reports and presentations confident that the data you are presenting is timely and accurate.

How Does Data Go Together?

Your particular data collection is something that you have to paint a picture with. You have to make sure that the storyline makes sense. In other words, you probably need a collection of pictures, graphics, text, and more to put together a solid presentation. You need something that is not going to bore your audience. At the same time, you want to make sure that everything you say in the presentation is accurate. How do you make that all happen if you do not have enterprise content management? The answer is that you cannot. You have to work on putting that data together in a way that your audience will engage with and can trust if you hope to reach your goals.

This is all possible but only if you have the right systems in place to support your needs..

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