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JobsPlus delivers high performance job costing software helping businesses to maximize productivity, streamline workflows and add value and effectively manage growth.

JobsPlus is a comprehensive job costing solution with direct links to MYOB, QuickBooks and other accounting systems. The system is developed around job processes and workflows and not an accounting perspective which makes the system very easy to use for operational staff.

JobsPlus helps to bring all the pieces together by providing you with a better way to manage your jobs and provides you with the management information in order for you to make informed decisions

Enterprise Content Management – Saving Money

Top Ways Enterprise Content Management Software Can Save You Money

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As an Australian business owner, you know just how important revenue is to your business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to pay your employees, work your dream occupation, or provide quality services and products to your loyal customers. By utilising an enterprise content management system, you can save your business a lot of money and boost your revenue in many different ways.

When you implement an enterprise content management system at your business, you’ll suddenly notice that you utilise less actual paper copies of documents. With a system, all your employees are easily able to access important documents and project notes through your database. This means they can view and edit documents easily within the enterprise content management software. When your employees are able to access digital documents, you can simply institute a paper-free office environment. This will save you tons of money on copier paper, toner, IT costs, printers, filing cabinets and even floor space!

By having your staff use an enterprise content management software, you can streamline their productivity throughout the day. This leads to being able to handle more clients throughout the day and less money being spent on staff per case. With automated tasks and workflow templates, employees are easily able to get the information they need to fulfil documents and tasks. The quicker access your employees have to data, the more tasks they can perform throughout the day. As a business owner, you end up getting more bang for your buck when your staff is operating more efficiently than ever before.

Communication is a big key to running a successful business. When your employees can communicate with others freely and quickly they’re able to get projects done faster and situations solved quicker. Find a good enterprise content management https://www.onbase.com/en-AU for example, applications like calendars, remote updates, and the like are easily available to keep employees in constant communication with one another. In addition, they can work simultaneously on the same documents so that all team members can be updated in real time on the progress of a particular project.

Enterprise Content Management by Onbase is becoming the new must-have technology for businesses. The most successful Australian businesses out there understand just how imperative the benefits listed above are for their own organisations. When it comes to saving money and increasing revenue, you can’t overlook the importance of one of these systems for your own business. Be sure to think about all the benefits that you can gain and the money you can save when making your next decision on how to handle your business content.

Enterprise Content Management – Never Before

Enjoy Data Organization Like Never Before

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A lot of companies have to focus heavily on data-driven presentations as a day-to-day part of what they do. These days virtually all companies want the work that they do to have data to back it up. Call us all a little spoiled as a result of movies like “Moneyball”, but we all tend to think of ourselves as data-driven and rational people. It is incredibly important in the corporate world to put presentations together that reflect this desire.

In order for a company to build up that particular data-driven kind of presentation, it must have a focus on working on its enterprise content management system. After all, the system probably needs some updating if it is going to work as best it should.

Putting Together The Right Data For The Right Audience

The right audience to see the particular pieces of data that you want to show them will make itself known with time. You have to have some idea of what kind of audience you are going to pitch to, but there is a strong chance that you already have at least some clue as to what kind of people want to see what information. The trick is to use enterprise content management to bring that information to the table.

You might not realise how many content repositories your company has . Without one single source of truth, you will need to spend time and resources trying to find the information you want. After having to cobble together data from a myriad of sources, you will likely be left wondering about the accuracy and age of the information collected.

Organizing Your Content

Using and Enterprise Content Management system, will enable you to access all information needed from one source. The Enterprise Content Management by Onbase https://www.onbase.com/en-AU integrates with other systems in use across the organisation and delivers live information to users as and when they need it.  You will be able to deliver your reports and presentations confident that the data you are presenting is timely and accurate.

How Does Data Go Together?

Your particular data collection is something that you have to paint a picture with. You have to make sure that the storyline makes sense. In other words, you probably need a collection of pictures, graphics, text, and more to put together a solid presentation. You need something that is not going to bore your audience. At the same time, you want to make sure that everything you say in the presentation is accurate. How do you make that all happen if you do not have enterprise content management? The answer is that you cannot. You have to work on putting that data together in a way that your audience will engage with and can trust if you hope to reach your goals.

This is all possible but only if you have the right systems in place to support your needs..

Businesses Needs Enterprise Content Management

Why Your Business Needs Enterprise Content Management

Improve business processes throughout the enterprise

Data is an essential asset for every business, and they are investing resources to ensure effective data collection, storage, and processing. Many leading organisations are moving to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for easy and reliable document management. The process of setting up Enterprise Content Management for organizations starts with assessing the content management needs of a company. A project team (usually resourced by the IT dept. and members of the various departments in need of a solutions) should be created to assess the type of content that requires management, who needs to access the content, how they will access and use the content, and format of the content’s source. Once this information is compiled, the team will make recommendations to management who will work with the team to choose the most appropriate Enterprise Content Management solution to meet the identified needs.

The software offers an integrated enterprise platform that allows companies to manage records, information lifecycle, and automated content-centric procedures. Any business that embraces Enterprise Content Management by implementing it is sure to enjoy improved productivity. The benefits of Enterprise Content Management to an organization are unquestionable, such as enhancing customer service and business outcomes.

Increased scalability, reliability, and elasticity
Successful businesses have various things in common, and one of them is reliability. In fact, studies reveal that close to 28 percent of businesses have at some point suffered reputation loss as a result of poor document management. Loss of reputation affects word-of-mouth advertising, customer retention, and customer acquisition. Enterprise Content Management is flexible enough to accommodate growth in an organization using additional resources, which translates to increased productivity, better customer service, and efficient employee environment. Enterprise Content Management offers elasticity to organizations because they don’t have to spend money on unnecessary resources and infrastructure.

Increased productivity and time used for marketing
Research indicates that employees spend most of their office hours managing documents, which reduces the time they have available to boost productivity and ensure efficiency in the organization. Enterprise Content Management has enabled employees to quickly access the platform wherever they are and whenever they need to so that they can process documents effectively. In fact, employees can use Enterprise Content Management to connect and work together with other employees from anywhere in the world. Therefore, they can deliver products to market more quickly than before, providing organisations that use Enterprise Content Management an advantage of their competitors.

Improved decision-making
Enterprise Content Management enables companies to store information in one place, which offers a centralized location for information utilization. Therefore stakeholders are able to access needed information from one place, ensuring one source of truth, for more timely and accurate decision-making.

Integration with business process management
Enterprise Content Management has enabled integration with business process management to ensure better business outcomes than in the past. The combination reduces human errors in the documentation process, reduces bottlenecks, increases visibility, and enhances responsiveness. Enterprise Content Management https://www.onbase.com/en-AU for example, allows companies to consolidate their network by connecting all its operations. Besides, the platform enhances regulatory compliance and reduces liability because they keep an entire audit trail for procedures and documents.

The overall productivity of a business depends on how well it manages its documents. Notably, one example is OnBase Enterprise Content Management which provides solutions primarily focusing on the business-to-employee solutions. Enterprise Content Management incorporates capture, processing and lifestyle management of any organisational content, with many vendors offering cloud archiving.

Enterprise Content Management

What To Look For In Enterprise Content Management

Improve business processes throughout the enterprise

For an ever-growing number of fields, the internet is the most important platform to target. When it comes to managing day-to-day activities, content management is key. Managing content, however, requires expertise, and enterprise content management is especially demanding. Here are a few keys to look for when seeking a partner for your content management efforts.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Newer companies can often provide acceptable content management services to small- and medium-sized businesses. When it comes to enterprise content management, however, it’s important to know you’re working with a team that knows what is at stake. Scaling up services is always a challenge, and it can be costly to correct mistakes when working with a content management system that is not effective.

Flexible Design

Enterprise content management requires a flexible approach, especially as technology seems to constantly change. Some content management providers are great, however before settling on an enterprise content management system, ensure they meet all your needs today and into the future.


New content managements tools become available online frequently. However, many of these tools fail, making them potentially dangerous to use in enterprise settings. Ensure the enterprise content management provider you select has ample experience working with organisations similar to yours, and try to stick with tried and tested tools.

One-Stop Solution

Taking a piecemeal approach toward enterprise content management can be tempting. However, bridging various tools can be difficult, especially as tools are upgraded and otherwise changed over time. Unless your company has very specific needs, focus on tools that provide a one-stop solution. Doing so often has the added benefit of reducing costs, and you won’t need to worry about custom programming to get various platforms to work together.


Working with a content management company means building a relationship, so make sure to reach out to content management companies and find out how engaging they are. You’ll likely need support along the way, so find out how well they communicate. Furthermore, make sure they can back up what they promise on their websites. Be wary of promises that aren’t backed up by data.

One effective platform, such as Enterprise Content Management OnBase will be a cornerstone of managing your business, and choosing the right tool from day one can lead to saved money and smoother operations. Be thorough when weighing your options as time spent ensuring you choose the right provider will lead to far better results over time. You can find the OnBase Enterprise Content Management https://www.onbase.com/en-AU